Pool Service/Maintenance/Equipment Repair:

Since 1983 Berry Pool has been providing pool and spa maintenance to customers, both residential and commercial in the Cameron County area. With CPO trained technicians, up to date maintenance techniques, and vehicles with GPS tracking, Berry pool ensures our technicians will provide you with the highest quality service week after week! Our standard pool service provides one visit per week, where the following services are performed: Tasks performed during our visit to your pool: Vacuum pool floor, skim water surface, brush the walls, check chlorine and pH levels, add necessary chemicals to balance water chemistry, empty skimmer and pump baskets, clean automatic cleaner bag (if automatic cleaner is part of pool equipment), visually inspect equipment, and backwash filter.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will communicate with you whenever there is an issue or supplies for your pool are needed. We only use commercial grade products, and because of our partnerships with vendors and manufacturers we can offer these products at a very competitive price. Don’t be fooled by those low grade, low priced items from the mass merchants. They can harm your pool due to fillers and additives they contain. All of our products meet or exceed industry standards for commercial use so they exceed your expectation! Not a monthly service customer? That’s ok! Here’s a list of other services we offer:

•New equipment installation
• Equipment repair
• Filter cleaning
• Pool draining service
• Acid wash service
• Pool maintenance lessons