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Pool Cleaning Service

The Berry Pool service team is composed of knowledgeable and well equipped technicians who will work to keep your swimming pool a clean and safe environment for you and your family. We offer a monthly service plan in which our technicians will complete the following:

- Brush the walls of the pool

- Skim the water

- Vacuum the pool 

- Empty the skimmer and pump baskets

- Add any necessary chemicals

- Backwash the filter (bi-weekly)

Along with the services listed above, customer's who sign up for a monthly service plan will also receive free diagnoses and evaluations on pool equipment (excluding heaters) and discounts on chemicals and other pool products. If you are interested in signing up for pool service and would like a free estimate, please fill out the form below!

Weekly Cleans

Free Evaluations

Discounted Rates

Get a Free Evaluation

Fill out the form below to have your pool evaluated for monthly services! If you have any instructions or comments for us, feel free to write them in the comments section. Note: We only service the region of Cameron County, Texas.

Thanks for submitting!
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